AI based light shows for your events.

AULIOS is the world's first software for audio-based generation of professional light shows for clubs, festivals and more.

A combination of artificial intelligence and sound analysis creates entirely new possibilities for shows worldwide.

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The next stage in the history of light shows.

Software enriches the lives of billions of people worldwide. Now it's time to improve the lives of event organizers and further enhance the experiences of millions of party-loving visitors.

DMX standard.
For shows worldwide.

AULIOS is compatible with lighting systems worldwide thanks to global DMX standards, whether classic USB DMX or ArtNet.

Easy setup.
Audio, Laptop, Light.

Connect your audio mixer via a soundcard and your lighting system via USB-DMX or ArtNet to your PC and enter the DMX addresses - now you are ready to start your party.

One software.
Versatile application possibilities.

We are often asked if we are really suitable for the corresponding location and if only nightclubs can use AULIOS. We are proud to say that AULIOS can do more than just club lighting.

Die passende Licht Show von Techno bis Trap dank monatlichem Abo.
Enterprise Lösungen für unvergessliche und planbare Shows.
Damit jeder Auftritt unvergesslich wird.
AULIOS Stundenpakete für individuelle DJs.
Digital Art
Audioreaktive Kunstprojekte mit AULIOS verknüpfen.
Alle Möglichkeiten aus der Realität und noch mehr.