The worlds first fully automated light show.

Upgrade your club or event with AULIOS as your software to automize your light show.
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AULIOS creates audio reactive light shows on global standards

AULIOS can be installed on any pc or laptop and create the highest quality light shows without needing an additional light jockey or technician.

Connect your computer with your light system via a USB to DMX switch or Artnet and connect an audio source with your computer.

Advantages with AULIOS

Advanced sound analysis and artificial intelligence create light shows on the highest level of quality.
AULIOS is cheaper than any light technician or light jockey and saves up to 75% of your cost.
AULIOS is always ready to run and can connect to all kinds of light systems.

"Your light shows look amazing! It really feels like it is alive in a way I have never seen in nightclubs before."

How AULIOS works

Connect a sound source to your computer.
Sound processing and creation of the light show on your laptop.
Lights receive and visualize the data that is send.

Test for free and convince yourself.

Technical information

Universal compatibility
Connect with any DMX and Artnet based system.
Artificial intelligence
AI to interpret complex structures and emotions in sound.
Deep sound analysis
Notes, rhythm, instruments and voice recognition for precise visualisation.
Quality sound capture
Capture sound directly from your laptop, mixer or any other source.
Desktop application
You only need a laptop to download and run our software on Windows and Mac.
Plug & Play
You only need one click after your setup to start AULIOS.

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Improve the light shows at your venue
Save money
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